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Dead Milkmen
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Monday, June 27th, 2005
5:30 pm
Gonna beat my wife now.
There's a new shot on NBC called Hit Me Baby One More Time. It's where groups and artists from the '80s show up to perform their biggest hit in front of a live audience and then cover a "current" hit. My question to you is that in the slim to nil chance Dead Milkmen were ever to appear, what song would you want them to perform and what song from the last few years would you want them to cover? I'd like see them play Silly Dreams, and then cover Dixie Chick's song about poisoning that redneck, because you know one takes more pleasure in wifebeating rednecks dying than ol' Rodney. Okay. your turn.

x-posted in the_sarahjane.

Current Mood: chipper
Sunday, August 22nd, 2004
10:27 pm
WEEEee Travis, i joined. aint ya happy. im sure u are. Rex said hey too. thats all. and ill be waiting for my cool Dead Milkmen cd.

Current Mood: silly
Sunday, August 8th, 2004
2:48 pm
hi travis.
Friday, August 6th, 2004
7:29 pm
Whats Your Favorite Dead Milkmen Song?
Right now, mine is Dean's Dream, but I change my mind everyday. Whats yours?

Current Mood: curious
Wednesday, August 4th, 2004
12:57 pm

yay, I'm posting.  Happy, Travis?  Of course you are.

Whee that's pretty.  I don't listen to the deadmilkmen much, so don't kill me or anything.  But I like music...all kinds of music.  I like nerds too.  Nerds are great.  Not the candy Nerds...they're gross, and they are a choking hazard.  But people who are nerds are great.  I'm a nerd.  I'm taking band this year. yayyyy.

bye bye for now. <3 Deuce

Current Mood: chipper
12:40 pm
Rad first post
I like the Dead Milkmen.

Current Mood: pessimistic
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